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LimeBike Expansion By Introducing Car-Rental Services In Seattle

Lime–a transportation company—has been offering bikes and scooters rental services in over 100 cities worldwide. Last month also, the company took a great initiative towards a cleaner environment by launching zero-emission electric scooters and bikes. Now, the company plans to expand its services by initiating its rental car testing this week at Seattle. Even though the city has not permitted any company to direct a scooter-rental program, Lime has been operating bike-sharing services for more than a year.

The company has set its plans to provide compact Fiat 500 Lounge cars that will be dispersed throughout the city to expand its rental services. The cars can be easily unlocked by the users through Lime’s smartphone app. By the end of this year, the company plans to provide 500 rental cars in the city and looking forward to offer 1,500 cars by the next year.

Pale Dempster—the rental program manager—said that around 50% of the trips were completed by Americans is not more than 3 Miles, which would be a great chance for the company to offer rental cars for such kind of trips.

The location of the rental cars, along with bikes and scooters can be accessed through Lime app. The car unlocking charge would be $1 and further charges will be on the basis of operating time with 40 cents per minute.

Dempster discussing the program said that the cars can be at any authorized parking spots along with paid parking spots. The city will charge Lime for the program with $1,730 for a car per year that would cover prepaid parking fees; and if the parking charge exceeds the yearly amount, the company will have to repay the exceeded amount.

The two competitors are already providing rental car services in the city that are Cars2go, owned by Daimler; and ReachNow, owned by BMW. Both the companies have already revealed plans to merge the rental business.

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