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Snapchat Friendships Now Have Own Merchandise And Profiles

Snap has long opposed conventional social network profiles, disagreeing that a network of close friends did not need them. (You already are aware of where your friends go to school and what they look like, the firm claimed.) But this week, it is changing course—at least a tad bit. Snapchat is launching out what it dubs as “friendship profiles” to gather all the shared media you have shared with groups and friends in a single place. But in keeping with the firm’s culture around privacy, the profiles are seen only to your friend and you.

The launch of friendship profiles is one of the various measures Snap is making this week to market close friendships. Apart from these profiles, Snap will start trading Bitmoji merchandise sporting the firm’s modified avatars. It is also launching what it dubs as a “comic strip” that will sport your friends and you as Bitmoji in a cartoon character that comes into view in the Discover section.

Starting this week, you will find merchandise in the Snap Store, which you can visit from the settings menu. Currently, it will be accessible on the iOS platform only.

On a related note, Snapchat earlier claimed that it is including a new feature to its video and photo sharing platform that will make it simpler for users to shop within the app. Dubbed as Collections, the new ad kind permits brands to connect their goods without the requirement for consumers to swipe up on the ad and make the buyout, Mashable claimed earlier.

These ads will appear between consumers’ Stories and in the Discover section of the app. The idea is to keep consumers engaged and boost the buyout reaction without them having to shift away from the app. Apart from Collections, Snapchat also included a feature that permits consumers to purchase on Amazon by pointing the camera within the app at a product around them.

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