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Apple Speculated To Roll Out Its First 5G Handset In 2020

Apple is supposedly pushing back the roll out of its first 5G handset to 2020, according to Fast Company. The tech behemoth was likely to launch its 5G handset next year, but has it seems that the firm has been “unhappy” with its chip supplier, Intel.

Apple was originally employing 8060 modem processor by Intel for its 5G samples, but came across “heat dissipation problems” that made the handset too hot, using up its battery life. Apple now aims to employ the 8161 5G modem processor by Intel that has a 10-nanometer process. This elevates the transistor density for more efficiency and speed. On the other hand, this means Apple will be coming slightly later to the network service in the 5G industry.

Speaking of 5G handset, Huawei claimed that it is operating in tandem with network providers and other businesses for the deployment of 5G. The firm has also verified the roll out month of its next 5G handset. Even though the handset manufacturer has disclosed that it will be rolling out a 5G smartphone in 2019, now it has claimed that its first ever 5G handset will be arriving in June 2019. This is right at the time when OnePlus launches its flagship smartphone. Huawei further claimed that the new handset will be fueled by a 5G-supported Kirin processor. The details were not disclosed though.

It is worth stating that Huawei will be in stiff rivalry with other companies aiming to roll out 5G handset by 2019. OnePlus has already verified the launch of a 5G-supported handset in 2019. The Chinese tech mammoth will also be vying in the processor market since Qualcomm has verified its plans to roll out a 5G handset-ready processor by 2019. This means that Huawei will be first company (so far as per facts) that will be launching the 5G handset.

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