FCC Plans To Fight Spam Texts Messages By Categorizing It As Information Service

The FCC (Federal Communications Commission) revealed two plans this week to fight against the scourge of phone spam, even though at least one of those decisions is expected to be controversial. In its declaration, the agency claimed that it aims to officially classify text messaging as an data service, a lawful distinction it claimed that will be key against fighting spam text messages. The categorization, the agency claimed, will permit phone users to carry on using blocking tech to stop spam texts from reaching handsets.

But some user advocates have obliged the FCC to instead categorize messaging as a telecom service. Without that categorization, groups such as Public Knowledge have disputed, phone firms will be capable of discriminating against messages, making decision how and when to deliver messages in manners they claim can damage free speech and consumers. Public Knowledge has highlighted controversial blocking moves, such as Verizon’s 2007 decision to block messages from an abortion rights group.

On a related note, earlier FCC accepted assigning a bigger combined block of spectrum. This was approved for utilization by aircraft radar systems and motor vehicles to assist prevent crashes. In 1995, the FCC first accepted 1 GHz of spectrum for motor vehicles to utilize radar that permitted for the roll out of adaptive cruise and collision avoidance control systems. These systems are attributed with avoiding millions of crashes yearly.

This move extends the band that vehicle radars can work to 5 GHz of spectrum and will enhance pedestrian detection, blind spot discovery systems, warning of lane departure, and automatic braking, the FCC claimed to the media in a statement in an interview. In 2016, almost 20 auto-manufacturers reached a voluntary contract with the U.S. Auto Safety regulators to create collision-preventing braking systems standard tool by the end of 2022. This decision could get rid of 1 Million crashes a year.

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