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Indonesia’s Bali Resort To Ban Use Of Smartphone Around The Pool

Many resorts and hotels depend on various social media comments and posts to attract new guests by inspiring them to visit. The Ayana Spa and Resort from Bali, Indonesia has changed their approach. Their latest program called as “In a Moment” encourages guests to unplug their smartphones and rest of the electric gadgets when they are near to the pool. This program will be followed daily from 9A.M to 5P.M, and the visitors are prohibited to carry their smartphones near the pool. The people who are uncomfortable at keeping their phones inside their rooms are provided with the locker facility while they are swimming in the pool.

This ban is not limited to smartphones only. The other devices such as digital cameras, tablets, kindle and iPads fall below the rule of this program. The main motive behind this program is to make this place tranquil, where the guests can actually enjoy and live in a moment, told Ayana resort’s representative to CNN Travel regarding the initiative. The guests will enjoy by keeping their phones away at this place. Some of them can use this opportunity for reading magazines and books or to have sunbath, while the resort also provides some non-digital fun activities like Jenga, magnetic chess and cards to keep visitors busy.

In the year 2018, OnePoll, the marketing group has released data saying that about 53 percent of the American travelers never switch off their phones while they move out. This phenomenon has even named as ‘nomophobia’. Some people use their phones due to ease and necessity while travelling which includes use of navigation, booking hotels and many more. About 20 percent of the respondents said that they check their phones at least once in an hour during their travel, while 14 percent of them do it twice.

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