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Microsoft 365 Subscription Package For Customers In Progress

Microsoft is operating to roll out a user edition of its Microsoft 365 package that might be the user-aimed complement to its current Microsoft 365 subscription package for business consumers. The 365 plan by Microsoft for businesses presently comprises packages for Office 365, Windows 10, and Azure for some plans.

A job listing seen by Mary Jo Foley (Microsoft watcher) verified the presence of a Consumer Subscription for Microsoft 365. “A job listing for a M365 Consumer Subscription’ Product Manager notes: The Subscription Product Marketing group is a new team being made to scale and build the Consumer Subscription for Microsoft 365,” the media claimed this week.

The job post claims that the Microsoft 365 Consumer team supervises the Microsoft Surface device portfolio, the Windows platform, Skype, Office 365 consumer plans, Bing search, Cortana, and the Microsoft Education team, the report claimed. Presently, the series of obtainable Microsoft 365 packages comprise Microsoft 365 Business, Microsoft 365 Enterprise, Microsoft 365 Education, Microsoft 365 F1 for firstline workers, Microsoft 365 Nonprofit, and Microsoft 365 Government.

On a related note, earlier week Microsoft rolled out new AI (Artificial Intelligence)-fueled capabilities for its Microsoft 365. These abilities will permit individuals in a company to create on-demand and live events. Events can now be seen on-demand or in real-time, with interactive discussion and high-definition video, the firm claimed to the media in an interview.

Rolled out a year ago, the acceptance of Microsoft 365 has developed by over 100% building on more than 200 Million commercial devices for Windows 10 in employment, 135 Million commercial monthly Office 365 consumers, and more than 65 Million seats of Security + Enterprise Mobility.

“Now, we are rolling new methods by which Microsoft 365 links users all over their organization and enhances collaboration patterns, comprising new AI-based abilities,” claimed Corporate Vice President at Microsoft, Ron Markezich, to the media in an interview.

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