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Obamacare ‘Unconstitutional’ Rules Court

Texas state federal judge has ruled that essential parts of Obamacare which is also called Affordable Care Act (ACA) is unconstitutional as twenty states in the US had argued that the law had become invalid due to new tax rules that were brought in last year. The new law eliminated penalty for not owning health insurance as President Trump had vowed to remove the landmark healthcare law of 2010 which had been designed to make medical cover affordable for everyone. The provisions of this law will stay in place until another appeal for the same is cleared by Supreme Court of the nation.

Though the Republican Party has majority in both Senate and House of Representatives the ACA is still in place though in 2017 the requirement that people should pay a penalty tax or buy health insurance had been eliminated by Congress. Mr. Trump expressed his satisfaction about the Texas court ruling on Twitter and urged Democratic Party members Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi to make a strong law that can provide great healthcare to Americans. This ruling came just a day before deadline for ACT enrolment for next year. Judge Reed O’Connor of Fort Worth declared that as the bill passed in 2017 eliminated tax penalties individual mandate was unconstitutional.

He further declared that as individual mandate was critical element of Obamacare it had thus become unconstitutional. He stated that the ruling was based on intentions of 2010 and 2017 Congresses as the former had enacted the ruling while the latter cut the last leg it was standing on. Both Chuck Schumer and Nancy Pelosi had described the ACT as a draconian policy that was based on faulty legal reasons and an assault on Americans seeking access to affordable health care. But the decision would be challenged in US Supreme Court as White House Spokesperson Sarah Sanders said that it would remain in place until further legal developments.

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