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Ramsgate Won’t Be Prepared Before No-deal Brexit

The counselor dedicated to the harbor area has confirmed that the Port of Ramsgate will not be ready for extra ferry services in the no-deal Brexit event. A contract worth £13.8 million has been given to the Seaborne Freight so the freight services run smoothly to and fro Ostend and Ramsgate in case of no-deal Brexit. However, Beverly Martin, the Conservative Counselor has stated the harbor will not be prepared as per the demanded date, 29 March.

The Transport Department has stated the work is under process and will be open as soon as the other facilities permit.

Ramsgate didn’t enjoy regular ferry service from 2013. Hence, the smooth operation will take some time. As per the contingency plans of the government, around 4,000 additional lorries will be able to access the ports smoothly, which also include Portsmouth, Plymouth, and Poole. In fact, the comprehensive contract is worth £103 million. The counselor has further stated the local people are aware of the fact that there is a major traffic concern which the Ramsgate port is failing to administer. In fact, he added the existing berths neither have the require breadth nor width that will allow these to hold the large ships without giving away. He has expressed his concern on the same and stated he is flabbergasted by the status of the harbor. He has also added the chances of the harbor being ready before the no-deal Brexit is next to impossible pertaining to the heaps of repair works left to do.

Beverly Martin has also stated that there has been no contract signed with the council that speaks of inaugurating the harbor for the mammoth freight ships. The Transport Department has also stated that it has been in talking terms with the Thanet Council, the owner of the port for a few years. It has also dismissed the allegation of not consulting with the local residents by tagging it as nonsense.

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