Niantic Is Changing Pokémon Go To Settle A Court Case With Angry Users

Niantic, the Pokémon Go developer, has agreed to settle a court case with users who had PokéStops placed near their homes, and it is making some minor game modifications as fraction of the agreement. The settlement was presented in court filings last week, and it is still awaiting approval of a judge. It will not resolve some big lawful questions about how AR mixes with physical property rules. But it might make life simpler for users who find unwanted players of Pokémon Go around their houses.

Niantic decided to implement various new policies and features below the settlement, which will be binding for the coming 3 Years. Homeowners can already have PokéStops or Pokémon gyms eliminated from private property, but the firm now commits to solve complaints within 15 Days, removing any stop that is situated within 40 Meters of that property. The firm also promises to maintain a database that will stop a PokéStop or a new gym from popping up close by.

On a related note, one method in which iOS and Android hit “Pokémon Go” will keep users bringing back is by having some of its characters in the game assign a collection of user quests. An earlier update of this method for “Pokémon Go” seems like it had the foundation for executing a quest network for its billions of user all over the world. Earlier, users have set about obtaining and tracing imaginary Pokémon beings from real-world spots when and as they hunt them down.

The game employs a phone’s display, camera, and GPS (global positioning system) to show users where these unseen Pokémon are present. Users look at a map on their handset screen and, when in place, an illustration of a Pokémon superimposed on top of a video clip is taken from the camera of the handset.

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